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Welcome to Wikibeats![edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

This is an open encyclopedia for everything about rap/hip-hop production — famous producers, popular samples, software, equipment, styles, and more. Wikibeats relies on the contributions of its users, so if you have knowledge on a particular subject, please create a new page or edit an existing page!

How to create a new page[edit | hide | edit source]

Simply search the page name in the main search bar (top right), then click the red link in the empty search results page to start editing.

Mission[edit | hide | edit source]

There's an enormous wealth of information scattered across the internet about hip-hop producers, famous samples, the history of rap production, software and equipment, instrumental genres, and more. However, up until now there hasn't been an established centralized source for this sort of information. That's where Wikibeats comes in. With the help of passionate hip-hop heads across the globe contributing to pages and sharing their knowledge, this site could serve as a Mecca for learning about rap production.

As with all wikis, this site will only succeed if enough people decide it is worth putting forth the effort to expand. If you believe this is a worthwhile endeavor, please share your knowledge by creating a page or editing an existing page. We couldn't do it without you.

But I still don't understand X![edit | hide | edit source]

If something isn't explained in the documentation/FAQ, you can contact Miraheze, our wiki host, here: